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About High Alchemy

High Level Alchemy is a magic spell that converts an item into coins. High alching has always been one of the preferred methods for leveling magic quickly among many of the RuneScape players especially in Free to Play worlds.

You can cast High Level Alchemy every 3 seconds which is equal to 1,200 casts per hour. Every alch cast is worth 65 magic experience so you can get a maximum of 78,000 experience per hour.

High Alching Tips

If you are alching a large quanity of the same item it is best to withdraw those items from the bank as notes. You are able to cast High Alchemy on noted items to make your life easier.

Always wield a Staff of Fire (aka Fire Staff) when alching. This will save you a lot of money since you won't have to buy the fire runes.

Using your keyboard to left click (MouseKeys)

If you plan to cast High Alchemy a lot you will definitely want to use your keyboard to do the clicking. Depending on your computers operating system will depend on how you enable this feature. Once this feature is enabled just position your mouse in the correct spot, take your hand off the mouse, and press 5 on the number pad to simulate a click.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: Hold down Left Alt + Left Shift + Numlock. A popup box should appear, click OK. You can now press numlock to toggle MouseKeys on and off.

Mac OS X: Go to System Preferences, open the Universal Access window. Select the Mouse & Trackpad tab and turn on Mouse Keys.

Linux (Gnome/KDE): Press Left Shift + Numlock.

Grand Exchange Tips

Some items on the Grand Exchange have a limit on the quantity you can buy within four hours. We recommend you buy no more than 100 of an item until 4 hours have passed.

Also note that some items in the same set will share the four hour limit. For example, you can buy 60 Adamant platebodies and 40 Adamant platelegs.

It's a good idea to try and buy multiple items incase one item isn't selling very well. Fill all your Grand Exchange slots with different items to buy.

Site FAQ

Q: What is the point in this website?

A: High Alch Calc was designed so RuneScape players can level their magic without losing money and even make a profit from simply buying items from the Grand Exchange then casting High Level Alchemy on them.

Q: What happened to AlchPrices.com?

A: We have retired Alch Prices to make High Alch Calc. This new website is basically the same as Alch Prices but made to be more user friendly.

Q: What are good items to High Alch?

A: All the items listed on this page are good items. It really depends on which items sell the quickest and make you the most profit.

Q: Can a Members Object be High Alched on a F2P server?

A: Sadly, no it cannot.

About Us

Back in 2009 I got the idea to start leveling my magic to 99 - of course without cheating using in-game auto bots. At the time I didn't realise how expensive it was going to be if I wanted to level magic quickly, so I set out on a quest to find a method that didn't require spending much gold. I read guides saying you could level magic by high alching yew, maple, willow longbows and steel platebodys which would actually make you a profit. Well I soon found out nobody would sell those items cheap enough without me taking a loss in gold after alching them.

Luckily the grand-exchange had just came out so I started making a list of items that had high alchemy values greater than the cost of the item. I then factored in the cost of nature runes and of course I would use a staff of fire since it would be rediculous to use fire runes. This method of manually getting a list of items that gave me no gold loss worked.. but it was way too tedious. After realising RuneScape had the grand-exchange on their website, I figured I would just make a program to scan the grand exchange then automatically compare the items with their high alchemy value.

And so alchprices.com was born! Much like High Alch Calc, Alch Prices gave users a chart listing all the items you could high alch for a profit or no loss. Alch Prices went well for a few years but I wanted to add more features and make the site more user friendly. That's when this site, the High Alchemy Calculator, was born for everyone to enjoy!


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